The Power of Chinese Herbs

Using the healing power of medicinal plants is worldwide tradition. Ancient Chinese cultures utilized herbs for thousands of years. For a variety of health enhancements, herb usage is increasing worldwide as consumers become aware of the beneficial effect of herbs.

Our body is composed of billions of cells and each cell needs special nutrients to function properly. Most of the nutrients we give our cells come directly from the food we eat. An “improper” diet or illness can impair our ability to adequately supply our cells.

Herbal dietary supplements combined with a proper diet can help correct nutrient deficiencies and help restore the proper balance to the cells. As natural substances, they are absorbed easily by our body and generally do not have any adverse effects. Each herb has a unique combination of constituents and exhibits certain “Traditional Indications.”

Herbs when mixed together in a formula can have a synergistic or a buffering effect depending on how they are combined. A good formula will maximize the effect of each herb, and nutritionally support various systems in the human body.

Natural herbs have the following properties

As natural substances, they are absorbed easily by our body and ordinarily do not show any severe adverse effects.

Each herb has a unique combination of constituents that interact directly with the body’s chemistry. These specific chemical interactions influence entire organs or tissues.

Combining herbs does more than simply add the effects of each individual herb. It can multiply effects synergistically or they can buffer one another depending on the body’s requirements.

Herbs in proper combination may enhance the body’s healing process by providing a balanced holistic ingredient. They replicate the team work naturally found in our body’s immune system and enhance the ability of the white blood cells as well as some serum proteins to work together to defend the body’s health.

Herbal Medicines

Chinese Herbal Medicine, as one of the first holistic medicine, is not limited to easing symptoms, but aims to restore the body’s normal functions, so it can heal itself. The goal of this approach is to develop or maintain good health by choosing herbs that work with the various body systems.

We have over 600 different herbs for almost any kind of existing ailment. They are divided to two categories:

Raw Herbal Medicines: comprise the parts of plants (leafs, stems, flowers, fruit, root, or seeds), and used in combination to form Chinese prescription, and always mixing with some animals or minerals. We prepare the herbal tea, service for our patients by using cooking machine and packing machine of herbs.

Pattern Herbal Medicines: manufactured by a pharmaceutical factory based on traditional Chinese formulas, for instance as tablets, capsules, bolus, pastilles, tincture, and extracts. They are easy-to-store and simply-to-take.

We have a good assortment of medicinal materials from the correct and reliable channel, and guarantee that they are orthodox, high quality, time-trusted and low prices.