Patient Testimonials

Michelle’s Case

For six years, Michelle K was suffering from infertility and was treated by numerous medical doctors and acupuncturists with no results. The use of hormones in In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatments caused adrenal deficiency. To make matters worse, the steroids prescribed to treat the adrenal deficiency caused Michelle to suffer from severe insomnia, anxiety, extreme mood swings, and agitation. After two weeks of no sleep even while on Ambien, Michelle was referred by her doctor to see Dr. Zhang. Three months later, her insomnia was gone, her adrenal function was much stronger, and her reproductive hormones had balanced. In March 2010, Michelle was overjoyed to learn that she was finally pregnant! The pregnancy itself however, was not an easy journey. Michelle encountered various complications such as uterus spotting, anemia, low positioning of the fetus, and danger of premature birth. Dr. Zhang successfully treated her conditions using traditional Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture therapies, and on December 15, 2010, Michelle finally gave birth to a very healthy 7.5 lb baby boy!



The Kim Family, 1998

Mr. Kim (age 45) and Mrs. Kim (age 43) had been trying for a child for over two years before they met Dr. Zhang. After three months of treatment, Mrs. Kim became pregnant and now they are the proud parents of a happy and healthy 11-year-old daughter.


In the classroom, Dr. Zhang is a master of story-telling, including bits historical background that you will not find in a Chinese herbology textbook. In the treatment room, he quickly and easily locates the source of a disharmony and resolves it. I have sent friends, family and acquaintances to Dr. Zhang. Some issues were decades in the making. All have had excellent and remarkable results with both his acupuncture and herbal therapy.
– Megan R.

I am amazed by Dr. Zhang’s extraordinary knowledge and humble demeanor. How can someone so smart be so kind?! He takes seemingly unrelated symptoms that no one else can fix or explain, ties them together and treats their common origin. He listens with a gentle patience and respect and makes me feel that our relationship is an active partnership. Dr. Zhang never implies that since he is the doctor, he knows best – but I know that he does! I plan to be a patient for years to come, not only when issues arise but as a way to keep my good health great!
– Lauren Z.

Dr. Zhang is one of the best doctors I have ever met. He is very knowledgable and experienced in Chinese medicine and acupuncture. When I first went to him I had a combination of multiple chronic issues. After 3 months of treatment I began to feel much better and most of my lab tests went back to normal. He is very kind and warmhearted. I’m very grateful to have Dr. Zhang as my physician.
– Yue W.

I have been seeing Dr. Zhang for some chronic health issues over the past several months. His treatments using acupuncture and herbal medicine have been miraculous. I cannot begin to express how grateful I am for the healing and balance that he has restored to my life. Truly a master of the healing arts.
– John D.

I have being sick for more than a year. I have done lots of examinations and could not figure out what is wrong with me. I become half a person comparing to what I was before. So I read lots healthy related books and watch health related TV programs. I know many of my system are weak. I have seen many doctors for treatments. But I still feel sick. Through a friend’s introduction, I went to Doctor Ji Zhang for treatment. After diagnostic, he points out my problems which matches what is in my mind. He prescribed Chinese herb medicine to me. I took the medicine daily for a week, I started feeling better. I did not feel so cold any more. My stomach did not bother me so much since then. As I continue take the medicine, the pain on my left upper chest and shoulder area has been reduced significantly. I sleep better too. Overall I feel much better now. I am so glad that I went to Doctor Zhang for treatment. He treats my entire body system as whole together, not just treating one symptom at a time.

It is my luck to know Doctor Zhang and being treated by him!
– Tina M.

My husband and I are both patients of Dr. Zhang. We have found him to be wonderfully kind, compassionate, knowledgeable and attentive. He has treated us for acne, colds/coughs, allergies, asthma, backaches, and male/female health issues. I was referred to Dr. Zhang by one of his very competent students. I had a stubborn case of acne that needed Dr. Zhang’s expert care. He has consistently been very flexible with scheduling appointments and takes the time to listen to our health concerns during our appointments. He has also been diligent in getting us our herbs – last summer he shipped them cross-country for me when I was out of state and recently he personally drove them to our house 30 minutes away from his home office when there was a problem. His wife is also very nice and she has been helpful too. Dr. Zhang is a blessing to have as a doctor and we give him two big thumbs up!
– Caroline C.

Through the years I have visited many acupuncturists but Dr. Zhang is a true doctor of Chinese Medicine.

Four years ago I came to doctor Zhang with many health issues made worse by a year of western fertility treatments. I had been told by other doctors that there was nothing they could do to improve my condition, and I had been left fearful that not only would I never have a child, but that I would suffer a lifetime of poor health.

Through herbs and acupuncture Dr. Zhang treated me for my underlying condition as well as more acute symptoms. He patiently encouraged me every week, through tears and anxiety, that my condition would improve. And with his treatments my health did improve. In fact, it improved so much that this past winter I was blessed to give birth to a beautiful baby boy. I know that my child is in this world today because of Dr. Zhang’s healing care.
– Michelle K.

As an aging martial artist, I am often afflicted with various aches and pains; including back pain and the lingering effects of years of training. In addition, I am subject to the general effects of aging many men face, including an enlarged prostate. Finally, I have a very stressful job, and during times of particular duress I have slipped back into an old, damaging habit – smoking.

On the suggestion of my wife (a student of oriental medicine) I began treatment with Doctor Zhang and his wife (also a doctor of oriental medicine). Doctor Zhang is one of my wife’s professors, so I felt very comfortable that he had a depth of knowledge I could trust. The first thing I noticed upon entering his practice was how comfortable he and his wife made me feel, even discussing topics that are very sensitive, like the problem I have with my prostate and the effects of its enlargement – which include increased frequency (sleep interrupted at least 3-4 times per night), weakened flow, and sometimes alarmingly urgency.

His office environment is clean and well maintained, and my first session included a treatment for smoking. After a very thorough intake session, made much easier by his solid command of the English language, he ushered me into a very comfortable room with pleasant music playing. His needling was precise and not uncomfortable. For those who know what it means, I could feel the dull aching marking the stimulation of  the qi in the area, but none of the sharp pain that can be associated with poor technique. I was surprised to find that afterwards I had little desire to smoke.
I have been seeing him now for months on a regular basis, and his treatment includes herbs, needling, and cupping.

I have noticed a marked decrease in urgency and frequency of urination (I now rarely get up at night to urinate, and when I do it is mostly out of habit instead of need), and my back pain is now much reduced. Again, for those who understand the modality, regularity is a necessity. Bi-weekly visits are probably recommended, but the best I can manage based on my schedule is weekly. Even that would be financially impossible for me were it not for the fact that Doctor Zhang takes insurance – unfortunately all too uncommon for practitioners of oriental medicine.

I give Doctor Zhang and his wife my very highest recommendation, and urge any who may be considering adding integrative medicine to their health care regime to try them. I have been thrilled with the results.
-Jack H.